Anonymous said: You know you're a jerk when your family goes broke putting you through Adventist education only for you to leave the church.

First off, dude(ette), this is a “You Know You’re an SDA When…” tumblr. I don’t see the word “jerk” in there. We’re not out to bash on anyone at all. Honestly, that’s not Christ-like.

I’m answering this one because it just appalls me. Seriously? You’d go so far to hate someone, be it a category of people or an individual, to suggest we spread the disdain for it? 

A person, an individual, has every right to leave the church and search for God elsewhere. Who knows why they left? Likely, it’s a personal feeling that something’s just not quite right. If you feel like the SDA Church is off… look into it. If you find that the truth conflicts with the SDA Church’s stance on something… feel free to leave.

It’s my personal belief that under NO circumstances should you decide to stay with the church on the SOLE basis of the fact that your parents put you through private school, and you feel obligated to them. They paid out their nose, yes. Feel obligated. But DON’T go basing your spiritual beliefs off of that. If anything, give your religion a decent chance. Do more research… look at things from the perspective of “they might be right about this…”. Ask a pastor or someone who’d know about stuff.

My point is this: Following the path you find most truth in doesn’t make you a jerk. Asserting that some such person IS a jerk is insanely ignorant.

Don’t get me wrong: There’s only one truth… and I believe that Seventh-Day Adventist Church has more than anyone else out there. But I believe that our understanding of the truth is incomplete. If I were to find something that still contradicted the Adventist Church’s beliefs, stances, or doctrines, and did enough research to be convinced I wasn’t mistaken, and had consulted people who knew more than I, and prayed on it a good bit… I’d leave. Straight up. My parents put me through the Adventist education system for 12 years… and helped me attend Andrews University for a year before I had to leave. They’re STILL helping me out with paying a portion of the loans I took out. 

Call me a jerk. Seriously, do it. If you’d ignore the truth merely because your parents taught you different and paid good money for you to learn different, you’re merely being ignorant. I beg of you to reconsider your standpoint on this one. Ignorance is not becoming of someone who actually wants to know the truth. 

- Howie